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By David J. Campbell DDS
January 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Wondering how to care for these long-term tooth replacements? We have the answers.

Did you just get dental implants? Just trying to get as much information about dental implants before you decide whether it’s right for dental implantsyou? No matter what your current situation may be, our White Lake, MI dentist Dr. David Campbell is here to make sure that you get the tooth replacement you need to prevent tooth loss complications from ruining your smile.

The purpose of a dental implant is to replace the roots of your tooth. From there, a dental crown, bridge or removable dentures are attached to the top of your implant. Implants are the most durable and resilient tooth replacement you can get, so, naturally, you want to make sure you do what you can to keep them looking and feeling their best.

It’s always a relief to find out that caring for your dental implants is pretty similar to how you should care for your natural teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene is key to preventing oral diseases that could develop around the implant and lead to implant failure. By brushing your teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day (but preferably between meals), flossing each day and keeping up with professional cleanings and maintenance, you can ensure that your implant lasts as long as possible.

There are various kinds of implants and our White Lake, MI general dentist is happy to talk about the right dental products to use to keep them clean and healthy. From interdental brushes that can clean in between your implant to other tools that can help to clean the abutment (the piece that attaches your implant to your restoration), we can recommend a variety of products that will help keep your implant healthy.

Of course, just using a soft-bristled toothbrush, a fluoridated toothpaste and regular dental floss is all you really need to keep your smile cavity and disease-free. You will also need to come in about every 3 to 6 months for routine professional dental care.

If you ever have questions about how to care for your dental implants, then don’t hesitate to turn to Dr. Campbell, our very own restorative dentist in White Lake, MI, who is dedicated to reviving your smile.