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By David J. Campbell DDS
January 21, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Family Dentist  

The importance of a family dentist

When you were single, you may have gone to the dentist only when you thought about it, or if you experienced dental pain. Back then, it may not have mattered to you which dentist you went to and you may have gone to several different dentists over time, whoever could get you in the quickest. Now you are married and have children, and your life has changed. You want to find a dentist who can treat your entire family. Dr. David Campbell, of White Lake, Michigan, is the perfect choice to treat you and the ones you love.

Finding a dentist who can treat your entire family is very beneficial because:

  • You and your family will have a personal relationship with your dentist, and be provided with personalized dental care, tailored to your lifestyle.
  • If you or your family has a dental emergency, especially during off hours or weekends, you will be able to get it taken care of because your dentist knows you.
  • It is much more convenient to go to a dentist you know, rather than take your chances with the unknown.
  • You should have a family dentist because it gets you and your family on the road to prevention instead of waiting until you have a problem. Your children will learn why and how they should take care of their teeth early, establishing lifelong success with oral hygiene.

Establishing a family dentist is important to your continuing dental health, and your overall well-being. Your family dentist will provide you and your family with custom individualized care in relation to your overall health. Dentistry isn’t just about teeth anymore; it’s about your general well-being and Dr. David Campbell, of White Lake, Michigan, knows how to look after you and your family. Give him a call today. Your family will thank you!